Growth Hacking Team As a Service


We offer 3 different collaboration models, depending on your current challenges and growth phase:

  • Growth Hacking Squad – Extended: Steering & total execution ownership of up to 5 experiments / Sprint (2 wks)
  • Growth Hacking Squad – Large: Steering and side-by-side execution of up to 3 experiments / Sprint (2 wks)
  • Growth Hacking Squad – Standard: Steering up to 2 experiments / Sprint (2 wks)

We will become your Growth Partner. Part of our team will work continuously with your marketing department, acting as if you have your own in-house Growth Hacking squad. 

How it works

  • Analyzing your specific situation and growth goal to provide you with an Impact Analysis
  • Defining the collaboration mode and intensity needed
  • Setting the technical and analytical foundations on your digital assets
  • Getting into an experimental working mode (using scrum and agile techniques)

Our Promise

  • Bringing Growth Hacking expertise and experience into your team
  • Acting as your inhouse Growth Hacking squad and aligning with your Sales, Product, Marketing and Compliance departments
  • Constantly analyzing your growth goals, testing hypothesis, running fast experiments, and most importantly, delivering results
  • Quick Ramp-Up (within 5-10 days)
  • Hands-on creation of required assets (landing pages, ads, offline material,…)
Perfect if you…
  • have specific growth goals (increase in sales, user acquisition, raising awareness,…)
  • face a Product-Market Fit challenge
  • want to open or investigate new markets
Expected Outcome
  • 2 to 5 experiments per sprint (2 weeks) executed
  • Steady Learning Curve
  • Better and faster results
Please get in contact with our experts to find out which collaboration model fits your need !

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