Sell Courses Online Hand-Over-Fist With Email Marketing

It’s no secret email marketing is a vital method when selling any type of business online. Email marketing has a 4X ROI compared to all other forms of online marketing.

It’s even more important when selling courses or programs.

Not using it to its full potential is keeping students from your class and money out of your bank account. Email marketing is a great way to deliver content and build authority. You can also boost attendance and completion rates by reaching out to students via email.

This Article Will Briefly Look at:

  • How to grow your email list
  • What tools and services are available to aid in your quest
  • What you can do to further the growth of your course or program

If you master these, you will be selling your class or program hand-over-first in your sleep.

How to Grow Your Email List

1) Do away with the boring call to action buttons on your emails. Instead of the run of the mill ‘Sign-up’ try using something flashy. If you are a personal trainer try using ‘Get Fit Now’ instead of ‘Register’.

2) Could your Lead Magnet be juicier? The offer you currently have can always convert better. Is your Lead Magnet: not specific, not offering a solution, to long, not seen as a “quick fix”?

3) Create an interactive quiz that needs a user email to send the results too.

4) Offer a free tool or a “secret” lesson to farm potential student’s emails.

5) Host a Webinar. Webinars have a huge amount of perceived value in the eyes of students. They’ll be able to kick the tires on who you are as a teacher, and It’s seen as exclusive. If you’ve done a good job building authority, anyone in their right mind would hand over an email to see you.

6) Some of your content or free courses can be upgraded to “Premium”. Requiring a sign-up before access to your information.

Email Marketing Tools


 There are a ton of tools online for aiding in your quest for building a beefier email list. Undeniably ConvertKit is the cat’s meow as an email list provider.  They offer:

  • Many Lead Magnet options
  •  Keeps track of duplicate subscribers signing up through more than one Lead Magnet. Plus, they don’t charge you more than once for a duplicate
  • Each subscriber gets a traceable profile. This helps you better target your emailing efforts


Not a master at building cool email templates for your subscribers? Totally fine, with Aweber they have:

  • Ready to go email templates and a super-simple email building feature.
  • Landing page designer with all the bells and whistles
  • An automated newsletter that pulls from your blog


If you already have Kajabi to run your online course or program, you’re in luck! They have email marketing capability integrated into their system.

Below is a video to help you create a pipeline

A Lasting List

There are so many cool tools and so many approaches to utilize growth hacking on your site. This post is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re interested in more growth hacking topics, we touch on various topics in our blog.

 If you’re interested in a free audit of your website, we can send one to you stat!

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