3 Content Hacking Tips

3 Content Hacking Tips

Sarah Ebrahmini

We know you feel like companies have done it all and consumers have seen it all when it comes to the type of content they share to the public. But we can all stand out by adding our own touches to content. Thats why we came up with a few simple ways to help you become a ‘Content Hacker’ in order to secure more views and more tractions in whatever product or service you are selling. We’ve come up with 3 simple steps for content hacking to save you time, money and help secure your current and potential consumers.

Tip 1: Having An Eye-catching Headline

We know, we know, if you got a dollar for every time you heard that you’d probably be a millionaire by now. But we can’t emphasoze enough on the importance of having an eye-catching headline. The headline is the first thing viewers will see when you post content and belive it or not it is what makes or breaks the success of the post. 

A website know as upworthy.com is a website dedicated to storytelling. They continue to emphasize on the importance of writing more than one headline when brainstorming and mentioned that they usually write down around 20 headlines then pick their favourite two. Once they do that, they run an A/B test and depending on the test results the best headline out of the two is chosen.

Tip 2: Guest Blogging

Featuring on a blog is key to secure a successful content hack. Doing so, gives you the opportunity to insure that your content is being viewed as it is being shared on a platform that already exists and has followers. Including a link back to your website or app in the blog will increase the chances of your website getting visits and clicks. 

Tip 3: Telling A Story

People like stories, they give us a reason to communicate! The great thing is that we all have a story to tell, we just need to figure out how to present it to the public so that they actually care about it. When telling stories, make sure its relatable and interesting. People usually like to find out more about topics they can relate to. Makke sure to communicate your value and your mission in every story you tell.

Content marketing is on an all time rise at the moment and it is very important to make the best of not now more than ever. Following these 3 tips is the KEY to successful content hacking!

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